About The Team


The Cape Group is a three-generation, family run, and vertically integrated real estate and development company, operating since 1956.

With more than 60 years of experience, in development, construction, and property management, we have a lot of firsts to our name and a diverse portfolio. 

We develop high-quality projects that complement the vibrancy of neighbourhoods’. From high-rises to warehouses, office buildings to master planned communities, our dedication to building quality and building relationships is at the forefront of everything we do.

Human Studio is founded on a belief that sociability along with responsible environmental design form the basis for long term sustainability and resiliency by supporting the health of communities. We believe fundamentally that knowing and interacting with your neighbors helps to promote happiness during good times, and provides strength and support in more challenging times. We believe that careful and thoughtful design supports stronger and better interactions between neighbors. Our principals bring a track record of executing complex buildings that combine sociability, environmental responsibility, affordability and design quality.
Human Studio is a BC corporation founded in 2017 and our studio is located on Granville Island. We have a total of 8 staff. Many who live in the Grandview-Woodland neighborhood.