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We are very excited to a part of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood with our proposed development at 2336-2366 Charles Street. We know what a special area this is- we have team members working on this project that live in the neighbourhood and having done the drop in engagement at a local retail space, we have seen it first hand.

Our aim is to develop the land in a way that will enhance this already vibrant neighbourhood. We want to bring attainable housing to individuals and families who want to remain in Vancouver while keeping the essence of this community alive. We’d love to have your support.

Show your interest in our proposal by completing the letter below with your thoughts, and we will send it to the City of Vancouver council on your behalf.

453 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

RE: Support for Cape Group’s Development’s Charles Street Project at 2336-2366  Charles Street

Dear Mayor and Council,

I support the proposed development at 2336 – 2366 in Vancouver as I believe it will make a positive contribution to this Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. The development supports the City of Vancouver’s vision for the neighbourhood as laid out in the Grandview-Woodland Community plan by providing shopping and mixed residential on Nanaimo Street.

OPTIONAL | We welcome you to expand your message of support here. A few ideas to get you started. • What features do you like best about the proposed development? • What impact do you think the street level experiences will have on the community? • Are you a resident of Grandview Woodland or somewhere close by, if so, what will it mean to have additional new businesses and 60 homes added to the neighbourhood?

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